1. Eddie Cousin
2. Fried
3. Good To Me
4. Tomb/Beach

Recorded by King Gizzard
Mixed by Stu Mackenzie
Mastered by Alex Braithwaite
Cover art by Katie Hagebols

Hmmm… OK heres what I can remember… 

We’d been playing a lot of shows around Melbourne and Geelong leading up to this recording. Literally every show we could get - parties, warehouses, pubs, clubs, basements, drains. Most of them were to nobody, but they were so fun it didn’t matter. We only had a handful of songs, but we’d play them all for a really long time and hope nobody noticed. For some reason at the time, we didn’t believe in rehearsal. We thought; the songs just have to be simple enough that any person with a passing knowledge of music could get on stage and jam. Which is what happened pretty regularly. Usually a spectacular failure. We certainly didn’t feel like a real band. I think that’s because we all had other bands at the time which seemed more important and more likely to go somewhere.

Anyway, back to the EP. One night, we borrowed a bunch of mics, set them up in my parents garage and recorded that handful of songs we’d been playing live. I remember googling ‘Glyn Johns Method’. We really had no idea what we were doing. I don't think Cookie or Amby were in the band yet. This is a weird one to write about. I don't consider it cannon. Don’t listen to it - it’s fake. Love Stu


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