Gumboot Soup


1. Beginner's Luck
2. Greenhouse Heat Death
3. Barefoot Desert
4. Muddy Water
5. Superposition
6. Down The Sink
7. The Great Chain Of Being
8. The Last Oasis
9. All Is Known
10. I'm Sleepin' In
11. The Wheel

Produced by Stu Mackenzie
Recorded by Stu Mackenzie, Cook Craig, Joe Walker, Ryan K. Brennan
Mixed by Stu Mackenzie, Joe Walker, Michael Badger
Mastered by Joseph Carra
Cover art by Jason Galea

Ahh yes. I really pushed everyone (including myself) to breaking point here. Much of this was recorded on the road between shows in hotels, venues or cheap studios on days off. I think I was the only one with my heart still in it by the end; I could tell the other 6 gizzards really just wanted to take a break. It was December after all and we’d played like 100 shows and written and recorded probably 50 songs. Everyone was real pissed off at me that’s for sure. SORRY! I’m glad we persevered though, because this disc contains some of my favourite Gizz tunes. Love, Stu


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