Live At Levitation ʼ16


1. Robot Stop (Live at Levitation ʼ16)
2. Hot Water (Live at Levitation ʼ16)
3. Trapdoor (Live at Levitation ʼ16)
4. Iʼm In Your Mind (Live at Levitation '16)
5. Iʼm Not In Your Mind (Live at Levitation '16)
6. Cellophane (Live at Levitation '16)
7. Iʼm In Your Mind Fuzz (Live at Levitation '16)
8. Gamma Knife (Live at Levitation ʼ16)
9. People-Vultures (Live at Levitation ʼ16)
10. The River (Live at Levitation ʼ16)
11. Evil Death Roll (Live at Levitation ʼ16)
12. Cut Throat Boogie (Live at Levitation ʼ16)

Live at The Barracuda, Austin, Texas, USA, May 1st 2016

Recorded by Craig Lawrence
Mixed By Stu Mackenzie
Mastered by Joe Carra
Cover art by Jason Galea

Ambrose Kenny-Smith: Harmonica, Keys, Vocals
Cook Craig: Guitar, Keys, Bass
Eric Moore: Drums
Joey Walker: Guitar, Vocals
Lucas Skinner: Bass
Michael Cavanagh: Drums
Stu Mackenzie: Guitar, Vocals, Flute


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