Live In Asheville '19


1. Evil Star
2. Self-Immolate
3. Venusian 1
4. Alter Me III
5. Altered Beast IV
6. People-Vultures
7. This Thing
8. Beginner's Luck
9. Rattlesnake
10. Cyboogie
11. Loyalty
12. Horology
13. Boogieman Sam
14. Plastic Boogie
15. Mars For The Rich
16. Hell
17. The Lord Of Lightning
18. The Bitter Boogie

Produced by Stu Mackenzie
Recorded by Sam Joseph, Stacey Wilson, Gaspard De Meulemeester
Mixed by Stu Mackenzie
Mastered by Joseph Carra
Cover art by Jason Galea

Asheville is one of my favourite (FAVORITE?) cities in USA. We make an effort to try to visit each time we tour now. It's so pleasant and everyone is SO NICE. It makes me realise I'm a cynical brat and I need to stop, relax and breathe in that clean mountain air. The place puts a magic spell over me, I swear. Maybe it's the dope; not sure... Anyway, this was a fun as fuk show. We walked off stage buoyed by the vibes, got back in the bus and left Asheville for the next city. Decending the mountain, the spell lifted and I realised this was a special night. Love Stu x

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