Live In London '19


1. Evil Star
2. Self-Immolate
3. Mars For The Rich
4. I’m In Your Mind
5. I’m Not In Your Mind
6. Cellophane
7. The Great Chain Of Being
8. Plastic Boogie
9. Crumbling Castle
10. This Thing
11. Boogieman Sam
12. Mr. Beat
13. Evil Death Roll
14. Venusian 2
15. Planet B
16. Rattlesnake
17. Float Along - Fill Your Lungs

Produced by Stu Mackenzie
Recorded by Sam Joseph, Stacey Wilson, Gaspard De Meulemeester
Mixed by Stu Mackenzie
Cover art by Jason Galea

We were so nervous for this show that we got to London a night early just so we could practice for AGES before the show. We arrived for a rare AM soundcheck and beheld the room for a moment before unloading our gear. It's like a giant greenhouse. The sun gets refracted through the glass on its way in, painting the beams of light with a soft brush. Turns out walking into an empty Ally Pally is like walking into one of the great churches of Europe. I suppose this show did feel sort of religious? In a scary cult type way. Glad we taped it! Felt like one we'd talk about for years! Love stu xox


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