Murder of the Universe


1. A New World
2. Altered Beast I
3. Alter Me I
4. Altered Beast II
5. Alter Me II
6. Altered Beast III
7. Alter Me III
8. Altered Beast IV
9. Life / Death
10. Some Context
11. The Reticent Raconteur
12. The Lord Of Lightning
13. The Balrog
14. The Floating Fire
15. The Acrid Corpse
16. Welcome To An Altered Future
17. Digital Black
18. Han-Tyumi, The Confused Cyborg
19. Soy-Protein Munt Machine
20. Vomit Coffin
21. Murder Of The Universe

Produced by Stu Mackenzie
Recorded by Casey Hartnett, Stu Mackenzie, Michael Badger
Mixed by Michael Badger
Mastered by Joseph Carra
Cover art by Jason Galea

I don’t usually play favourites, but I think this is my favourite Gizz record. Mostly because it’s the stupidest and ugliest thing we’ve ever done. I knew this record would be liked by some and loathed by many. I didn’t mind - this was the music I’d been hearing in my head that no one had made yet. 

I hope one day we make something studiper and uglier, but ‘till then… you’ve got MOTU. Love, Stu

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