Paper Mâché Dream Balloon


1. Sense
2. Bone
3. Dirt
4. Paper Mâché Dream Balloon
5. Trapdoor
6. Cold Cadaver
7. The Bitter Boogie
8. N.G.R.I (Bloodstain)
9. Time = Fate
10. Time = $$$
11. Most Of What I Like
12. Paper Mâché

Produced by Stu Mackenzie

Recorded by Stu Mackenzie
, Lucas Skinner, Joe Walker, Jacob Portrait
Mixed by Mikey Young
Mastered by Joseph Carra
Cover art by Jason Galea

This album was super fun to make - at the time I was living an hour out of the city and had a spare room with a piano in it which was a rarity for all of us. So Stu capitalised on my burgeoning real estate. He lugged all his gear down the highway and set it up for a week or so. A few things I remember: we were all having a nylon guitar phase and experimenting with guitar and drum loops for the first time to arrange a song. We had a piece of shit drum kit that was my brothers with no kick pedal so we were using a mallet to play the kick. Some of the guys came in and out and we also did some recording in a shipping container that was situated on Stu’s parent’s little hobby farm nearby. It sounds bucolic but I remember it kind of being dark and scary in the container, and Stu used his stinky old mattress to baffle the walls. I think the rest of the guys did some other recordings in various locations and houses too - and Stu brought it altogether at home (wherever that was at the time) as it was before we had a studio. Lukey xo

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